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The Best LED Camping Lanterns Guide
10.07.2017 14:49

Although moonlight is romantic while camping, we have become creatures of electricity. It’s good sense to have camping lanterns handy when you are out in the wild. You don’t want your vegan dinner to turn into tick salad. You might want to imagine yourself as the damsel in distress from a Mills and Boons novel in the middle of a pitch-black and dangerous forest. Again, you need light to get the details right from the novel. The LED camping lanterns for camping can be lifesavers on an eerily quiet night. They can serve as emergency lights at home too.

There are a number of considerations while buying an LED camping lantern. Here’s a checklist:

Brightness: Surprise, surprise. Brightness is the foremost factor to take into account. But is all that glitters gold? Too much brightness can be disconcerting. Too dull a light may not be ideal for the exciting family meal. Luckily, we have some LED camping lanterns that allow you to regulate the power of their illumination. If you don’t want to spend extra bucks on that facility, assess what purposes you are going to use the camping lanterns for. Solo meals and reading can be done in a light of low radiance. But group chat and dinner require more lumens.

Burn Time: Burning bright is not enough. Your LED camping lantern should last long on its batteries. Each battery adds bulk to your backpack. Higher the light intensity, faster the battery drains. It’s best to choose a lantern that allows light muting and brightening per your requirement.

Weight: Embrace the mantra of asceticism when you go camping. Pack minimum. Break the material bonds. Give your back a chance to rest. Your camping lanterns should adhere to this logic and be lightweight. It is interesting to notice how major brands are packing high power into light lanterns.

Durability: Backcountry can be rough. You need LED camping lanterns for camping that’s made of reliable materials and will guide your through your journey to freedom. If you are venturing way into the badlands, the lantern is not just useful but crucial at night. Remember that moon’s luminescence can die out fast on you on a cloudy night.


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