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Exterior Lighting Buying Guide
27.06.2017 15:22

LED exterior lighting systems are typically low voltage (they operate on 12 volts) and consist of exterior light fixtures, a transformer, and electrical cable. Your transformer should be rated to handle at least 25 percent more wattage than the total wattage of all lamps on the system. For example, a system consisting of 12 20-watt exterior light fixtures (240 watts) will need a 300-watt transformer.

NOTE: Always plug the transformer into an outside electrical outlet fitted with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

You’ll find a wide array of accent lighting styles from which to choose, from low-profile, simple fixtures to tall, baroque varieties. Whatever you select, make sure your choices complement your home’s style. For instance, match minimalist lights to a modern architectural style and flowery, ornate outside light fixtures to a whimsical Victorian or country cottage house.

When designing your led exterior lighting plan, combining a variety of ornamental lighting styles is often effective, but don’t go overboard. Aim to highlight your yard’s strongest features while keeping other areas pleasantly shadowed.

For added drama, spotlights that graze across surfaces can showcase eye-catching textures, or shadow lights and backlights can emphasize silhouettes and outlines. Also remember to make your led exterior lighting scheme pleasing to look at from inside your house.


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